The planet of love, beauty, and money

Rules Taurus & Libra

Venus is the legend of beauty inherited from Aphrodite and she became the Goddess of Love. In the grounds of her temple where grooves that were cut into the rocks so worshippers could make love and have personal relationships. She is very aware of her feminine side with arts and fashion. She encourages gentleness, kindness and social graces. But remember under stress she can make one indecisive, careless and over-romantic and over-dependant on other people;le.

Associated with fertility, beauty, and enthusiasm.
Always helped demons in the war against gods; Shukra means “clear, pure, brightness, or clearness.”

Venus & Taurus/Libra

Venus Rules Taurus The Bull  & Aries The Ram

Attraction Beauty Charm Affections Compromise Connection

Creative Expression
Adaptable Tactful Graceful Charming Loving

Destructive Expression
Indecisive Weak Shameless Self Indulgence