The planet of rebellion and upheaval

Charioteer of Sun and half brother of A mythological snake king Vasuki in Indian Puranas. Vasuki means “of divine being.” This planet is associated with originality, eccentricity, and sudden changes.

Uranus was born of Earth, then mated with her. and from their incestuous union, all living things were born. Saturn led a rebellion against him and he was castrated. From his severed genitals, Aphrodite (later Venus) was born. This unattractive mythical figure names a planet associated with Aquarius and is concerned with sexual excess, deviation and possible breakdowns.
At best this planet encourages to be original and be versatile. and at its worst eccentricity, perversion, and rebellion.

Rules Aquarius The Water Carrier

Uranus Rules Aquarius – The Water Carrier

Breakdown Change Chaos Creativity Eccentric 

Creative Expression
Inventive Outspoken Unconventional Respect For Freedom

Destructive Expression
Detached Abnormal Antisocial Rebellious