The Sun

The Planet of expression, energy and ego

The Sun represents your life, your basic characteristics, how you experience life and express your individuality.

Keywords: Power, Vitality and Self-Expression

Rulership: The Sun Rules Leo

Almost every known civilisation has had it’s own Sun God. The most prominent in the west is Apollo. the son of Zeus.
He is thought to have originated in Asia and reached Europe via Greece. He mirrors the sun, with warmth, brightness and being the perfect man.
In astrology, the sun (technically a star, but we will always class this as a planet as this just makes life easier) is associated with Leo and represents generosity of the heart, affection, magnanimity, creativity and simple joy. However, the sun can go over the top, encouraging self-esteem, which on its own is great, but can often lead to pomposity.

The Sun
Ruler of Leo

The Sun Rules Leo – The Lion

Creativity Confidence Heart Hope Life Force Individual Power Self-Expression

Creative Expression
Dignified Faithful Joyful Noble Extravagant

Destructive Expression
Pride Arrogance Vain Condescending Overbearing  Pompous Childish