The Moon

The planet of emotions, family, and instincts

The Moon represents how you respond instinctively and subconsciously.

Keywords: Response, Feeling and Conditioning

Rulership: The Moon Rules Cancer

The Moon is often shown as feminine and beautiful, but she can be a cruel seductress. As Circe she seduced Odysseus as Hecate she rewarded her favourites with riches and as Selene, she was seen riding her chariot through the night skies. Both in myth and astrology, the moon is associated with child birth. She encourages natural, instinctive behaviour.
There is a close connection with the emotions and also with the digestive systems. 
The Moon can make one patient on a good day, or very changeable on another and on a bad day she can make one narrow-minded. If she is in the right mood she can make one imaginative and sympathetic.

The Moon
Rules Cancer – The Crab

The Moon Rules Cancer – The Crab

Belonging Body Breasts Emotions Family Feelings

Creative Expression
Maternal Protective Sensitive Home-loving

Destructive Expression
Fussy Irrational Insecurity Unreliable Discontented