Scorpio Relationships

Scorpio & Taurus Compatibility

We have many different types of relationships within our life. From the casual acquaintances to the love of your life to working relationships or just friendships. 
I am going to make this easy, we are just going to look at the relationships that are the polar opposites.

These two signs can be madly attracted to each other! More so of their sexual nature of the signs. We would not normally link Taurus to sexuality, but it does represent sensuality and a sign that is linked to pleasure and possessions. So putting this together with Scorpio who is very concerned about sexual relationships could make a very good combination. But you will have to remember that any sexual frustration could lead to a darker approach to the sex life.
Scorpio has a need to die in the arms of his loved one, and Taurus needs to be love – this sounds so romantic but there is much emotional baggage, but at least it should be fun.
Scorpio is not a trusting sign and Taurus needs to build on the security of life. Scorpio is not insecure as such, but because they go deep with their emotional feelings, they have to question everyone’s motive not to get hurt. But saying that, they can learn to trust, and they will trust The Bull to quite a high degree.


But saying that, they can learn to trust, and they will trust The Bull to quite a high degree. If these two signs work out the fine line and balance between themselves there will not be a problem in sight. As they get more intimate, Taurus will feel secure enough to share everything with Scorpio, and then Scorpio will realise that this is a very stable and trustworthy relationship.

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Overall Compatibility

Scorpio & Aries
75% Compatibility

Scorpio & Taurus
75% Compatibility

Scorpio & Gemini
50% Compatibility

Scorpio & Cancer
90% Compatibility

Scorpio & Leo
40% Compatibility

Scorpio & Virgo
70% Compatibility

Scorpio & Libra
50% Compatibility

Scorpio & Scorpio
70% Compatibility

Scorpio & Sagittarius
40% Compatibility

Scorpio & Capricorn
95% Compatibility

Scorpio & Aquarius
45% Compatibility

Scorpio & Pisces
100% Compatibility