The karmic planet of limits and boundaries

This planet is associated with ambition, status, equitable punishment, wisdom, patience, honor, toughness, but with pessimism, hardships, and fatalism.

Rulership: Saturn Rules Capricorn

Saturn was original a god of farming, but in Rome, he presided over the Saturnalia, a very highly enjoyable holiday. Eventually, the Christians adopted this feast and named it Christmas.
In ancient times Saturn marked the edge of the solar system and is associated with limitation but also with perseverance. It can make you practical and cautious and it can make one selfish, narrow-minded and even cruel at times.

Rules - Capricorn The Goat

Saturn Rules Capricorn the Goat & Aquarius – The Flowing Water

Career Caution Coldness Contraction Control Defensiveness

Creative Expression
Practical Serious Prudent Patient Reliable

Destructive Expression
Rigid Negativity Mean Fearful Inhibition