Sagittarius Relationships

Sagittarius & Gemini Compatibility

We have many different types of relationships within our life. From the casual acquaintances to the love of your life to working relationships or just friendships. 
I am going to make this easy, we are just going to look at the relationships that are the polar opposites.

These two have a very strange outlook in sex, one could say it was childish and they don’t really care about it. When these two get together they tend to get involved with emotions that no-one really understands. They both enjoy each other sexually we are not saying that but it is like two children in adult bodies!
These two are looking for someone to enhance or even complete their mental personalities and the sexual side of things comes as a 2nd thought.
If these two drift apart or break up they can still remain friends.
If anyone can understand each other well, and we will remain very faithful to one another.
Sagittarius is a sign that cannot lie, they jsut cant do it and you will find that they are very disturbed by other people’s lies.


But Gemini can tell lies with such ease and you will often find that Gemini will lie and they do not even know that they are lying. Having said all that, these two can have much fun together and they can learn to trust and if they can do this they have something very strong to build upon.

Overall Compatibility

Sagittarius & Aries
100% Compatibility

Sagittarius & Taurus
40% Compatibility

Sagittarius & Gemini
75% Compatibility

Sagittarius & Cancer
45% Compatibility

Sagittarius & Leo
90% Compatibility

Sagittarius & Virgo
90% Compatibility

Sagittarius & Libra
95% Compatibility

Sagittarius & Scorpio
40% Compatibility

Sagittarius & Sagittarius
85% Compatibility

Sagittarius & Capricorn
60% Compatibility

Sagittarius & Aquarius
95% Compatibility

Sagittarius & Pisces
40% Compatibility