Sagittarius – The Archer

Sagittarius – 23rd November until 21sr December

Sagittarius The Archer

Origin: In Babylonia, The Archer was often confused with Scorpio as we find Centaur Figures with Scorpion tails.

Ruling Planet – Jupiter
Bringer of Jollity


Body Area Associated With Sagittarius
Thighs and Liver

Gemstone Associated with Sagittarius

Keywords: Optimistic Jovial Restless Good-Humoured Philosophical Freedom-Loving

Basic Personality: Natural enthusiasm and keenness can often lead to Sagittarius taking risks which could be very foolhardy, especially in their younger years. Developing their intellectual powers will help them avoid risks, but only if they put in the effort. 
Sagittarius needs to develop a more philosophical way of life and keep boisterous under control.

Sagittarius is the third of the four Mutable signs of the zodiac. 
Mutable signs are Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces
Mutable Houses are 3rd 6th 9th and 12th House.
Mutable signs are concerned with changing things into something else. The emphasis is on adaptability because these sign love change and will move with it.
The archer is a seeker of knowledge and brings the end of ignorance.
Mutable people tend to be flexible and adaptable.
Sagittarius belongs to the Fire Element and you will often find that Fire Signs (Aries Leo Sagittarius) and fiery indeed, but you will also find that they can be very creative and have a great zest for life.

Tarot Card

Temperance (XIV) is the fourteenth trump or Major Arcana card in most traditional Tarot decks. It is used in-game playing as well as in divination.

Depiction: Temperance is almost invariably depicted as a person pouring liquid from one receptacle into another. In many decks, the person is a winged person/angel, usually female or androgynous, and stands with one foot on water and one foot on land.

Meaning: This card indicates that you should learn to bring about balance, patience, and moderation in your life. You should take the middle road, avoiding extremes, and maintain a sense of calm.

Upright card (keywords): Alchemy, Balance, Connecting with your guides, Harmony, Looking for divine intervention, Moderation
Reversed card (keywords): Disharmony, Imbalance, Lack of patience, Onset of illness