Pisces Relationships

Pisces & Virgo Compatibility

We have many different types of relationships within our life. From the casual acquaintances to the love of your life to working relationships or just friendships. 
I am going to make this easy, we are just going to look at the relationships that are the polar opposites.

These two work well together, very well and they are both relaxed enough to be exactly to know who there are.
The Virgo partner will normally be shy, trying to show their sexuality through rational behavior, but Pisces will see right through this. On the other hand, Pisces maybe a little feared of close physical connection with another person and this would be dismissed by Virgo. So as you can see you have a game of give and take. Once they both learn that they cannot hide from who they are, no choice but to set themselves free from any fear or shame. This will give them a wonderful sexual experience.
This pair will bever have instinctive sex, however passionate that they maybe.
Virgo’s analytical mind wouldn’t allow for them to act like animals so to speak and Virgo will like the purity of sex.


But once these two have sorted out their little problems this combination will work well.
Virgo will have some serious issues with trust and Pisces will not be able to help with this. In order to have a healthy relationship, they both need to trust. If one of them tells a lie, this will be torture for the other. The strange thing with these two signs is that a little secrecy, which goes against them will spark passion and this is often why you will get small intimacy outbreaks!

Overall Compatibility

Pisces & Aries
65% Compatibility

Pisces & Taurus
85% Compatibility

Pisces & Gemini
45% Compatibility

Pisces & Cancer
100% Compatibility

Pisces & Leo
60% Compatibility

Pisces & Virgo
65% Compatibility

Pisces & Libra
50% Compatibility

Pisces & Scorpio
100% Compatibility

Pisces & Sagittarius
40% Compatibility

Pisces & Capricorn
100% Compatibility

Pisces & Aquarius
50% Compatibility

Pisces & Pisces
75% Compatibility