The planet of the subconscious, dreams, and fantasies

God of rain in Indian mythology; Varuna means “God of the sea.” This planet is associated with dreams, illusions, and psychic receptivity, but sometimes with vagueness and uncertainty as well.

Neptune inherited his lordship of the sea from the Greek God Poseidon and he was also tasked with ruling all lakes and rivers. Water horses drove his chariot when he rose from his palace in the depths of sea. Neptune became a stallion in order to woo the beautiful Demeter when she became a mare. Neptune is also said to have invented horse racing, perhaps once he became a stallion. He is the ruler of Pisces, and is concerned with the arts, mostly poetry and dancing. He can encourage idealism, imagination and sensitivity. But, on a negative side, he can make one careless, indecisive and deceitful.

Rules Neptune - The Fish

Neptune Rules Pisces – The Fish

Deception Anxiety Diffuse Dreams Elusive Escapism Fantasy

Creative Expression
Imaginative Sensitive Idealistic Visionary

Destructive Expression
Unstable Perverse Delusional Self-Destructive