The planet of thought, focus, and communication

A planet god known for his preserving and protecting nature to mankind and manhood. Associated with communication, wit, and cleverness.

Mercury is a direct descendant of Hermes the messenger of Zeus and the God of travelers. Mercury invented the lyre and was a marvelous athlete. He is nearly always shown that he is ready for the track. You will find that he is intellectual, reasonable, perspective, and a great communicator. Mercury will stimulate the mind but can also make one argumentative and critical, nervous, and sometimes tense.

Mercury Rules Gemini & Virgo

Mercury Rules Gemini The Twins & Virgo The Virgin

Agile Brain Commerce Communication Cunning Expressive

Creative Expression
Talkative Clever Witty Cool Reasonable

Destructive Expression
Critical Nosy Untrustworthy Unemotional