The planet of action, energy, and initiative

This planet is associated with auspicious occasions.
Also associated with strength and aggression.

Rulership: Mars Rules Aries

Mars is associated with the Greek god Ares, fortunate in war but unfortunate in love. Mars was an original god of farming but he is better known as the God of War. Roman soldiers would pay tribute before going into battle.
The planet is concerned with the muscular system and with aggression. Strongly sexual this planet can make one aggressive as well as decisive, hast and rude as well as positive and energetic.

Rules - Aries The Ram

Mars Rules Aries the Ram and Scorpio The Scorpion

Anger Aggression Conquest Courage Drive Heat Impatient

Creative Expression
Energetic Courageous Direct Will-power

Destructive Expression
Rude Foolhardy