Leo Relationships

Leo & Aquarius Compatibility

We have many different types of relationships within our life. From the casual acquaintances to the love of your life to working relationships or just friendships. 
I am going to make this easy, we are just going to look at the relationships that are the polar opposites.

The attraction between polar signs is nearly always good. With these two it is even better! Leo is the King of the Zodiac, and Aquarius will bring him down to earth and will fight for independence. 
The sex life is a struggle for these two. There could be a fight, but both will enjoy the experience. Loving and warm, passionate and sensual but a very interesting combination.
They are both confident with each other and thought their maybe struggles from time to time there is a strong connection by a simple act of gravitation and this will hopefully keep everything exciting and on an evil ledge.
When looking into a situation we will always get a different view to what is really happening. When you look at these two from a distance everything looks good,  but you may find that they do not always see eye to eye or even trust each other for that matter.


Although they could be the perfect pair, challenge and trust in their relationship will have to be sorted out first. But if they do look inside they will realise how little they have actually known about each other in the first place. Master that and everything should be good to go.

Overall Compatibility

Leo & Aries
95% Compatibility

Leo & Taurus
70% Compatibility

Leo & Gemini
90% Compatibility

Leo & Cancer
85% Compatibility

Leo & Leo
50% Compatibility

Leo & Virgo
50% Compatibility

Leo & Libra
100% Compatibility

Leo & Scorpio
40% Compatibility

Leo & Sagittarius
90% Compatibility

Leo & Capricorn
85% Compatibility

Leo & Aquarius
55% Compatibility

Leo & Pisces
100% Compatibility