The planet of optimism, expansion, and bounty

Mentor and teacher of gods.
Always helped gods in war against demons. Guru means “teacher” or “priest.” Brihaspati means “lord of prayer or devotion.” Associated with luck and expansion.

Jupiter protected the City of Rome, and he also blessed warriors who were going to battle, but unlike Mars, he greeted them on their return. He had the power to reward as well as punish and he would often throw lightning bolts around when someone had done something that they shouldn’t. The planet Jupiter is concerned with learning, philosophy and languages. He can encourage you to get things done and will encourage your optimism, but on a bad day, he can make you over-optimistic, to extravagant and even self-indulgent.

Rules - Sagittarius
The Archer

Jupiter Rules Sagittarius – The Archer & Pisces The Fish

Chance Cheerful Conceit Excess Education Luck

Creative Expression
Jovial Expansive Faith Optimistic Improvement

Destructive Expression
Extremist Wasteful Provocative Laziness Hyporcritacal