9th House

9th House – The House of Sagittarius and Jupiter
The 9th House Represents Travel and Foreign Affairs. Higher Education

This house rules belief systems, ideologies and religions. It is also in charge of higher education and philosophy.

Ideology Higher Education Travel
2nd Life Partner Spirituality & Religion


Sagittarius – The Archer


The God of Thunder

The 9th house focuses on further education, the abilities to communicate and extend our minds.

Here you can look for clues to our idealistic and philosophical outlook on life. Long-distance travel is ruled by this house along with law, publishing and literature are covered here.
Languages, dreams, skills, and inspiration can also be linked to the 9th house along with the moral code and conscience. 
If you were leaving school or looking to further your education, this is the house we would look to for advice and direction.
This house can be connected to travel, but we have to take into account (with this house) is getting away from it all the best solution to the problem.