8th House

8th House – The House of Scorpio and Pluto
The 8th House Represents Death and Rebirth, Sexual Relationships, Karma and Debt

This house rules our attitudes towards death, rebirth and crisis. It also rules over our sexuality and our personal growth.

Sexuality Transformation Occult

Spouses Money Inheritances Death


Scorpio – The Scorpion


Pluto – God of the Underworld

This house represents money that is acquired through the individual’s efforts and is also linked to endowments and inheritance. I said that this house is connected to death, this does not have to mean to die, but it could mean that something is to end, and this is the house we would look at to how someone would react to change or something ending.

There can be deep-rooted psychological problems connected with the 8th house where you may need help from time to time.
The house is connected to sexual relationships, but not necessarily the simple pleasures, but more of the urges, the deep-rooted urges one may have.
If you are looking to make an investment, this is the house we will look to for advice and direction.