6th House

6th House – The House of Virgo and Mercury
The 6th House Represents Employment, Health and Sickness

Rules the vitality of one’s body, the work that one does out of necessity and the general well being.

Service Health Vitality
Pets Daily Routines Duty


Virgo – The Virgin


Mercury – The God of The Messengers

This house is ruled by health and service. It rules the schedules, the organisation, the routines and exercise.

This house is also linked to health, diet and wellbeing. This is the house we look at to see how you are, how your health is and how your work life is, because is something is not right, it could have an impact on any one of these.
The 6th house also governs over attitude, to the people that we may need around us or the electrician or the plumber, it governs how we are with these people.
The house is concerned how you are in life, how you exercise, how you go through life and how you handle schedules and the organisation that you may or may not have.