5th House

5th House – The House of Leo and The Sun
The 5th House Represents Pleasure, Creativity, Love Affairs, Risk and Romance

5th House rules hobbies, entertainment and the activities that are done out of pleasure and fun.

Fun Games Play 
Hobbies Casual Sex First Child


Leo – The Lion


The Sun – The God of Prophecy

This house is associated with creativity and you have to remember that creativity can be shown in many areas of life and not just in the arts, perhaps cooking for example. You could be a very creative parent.

This house is also connected to self-expression, love affairs, and this to is the domain of lovers so all these types of past times comes under the scrutiny of this house.
You can have fun and play here, but be careful that you do not get to carried away as this house can also make you more prone to over-optimism or a devil may care attitude, which in turn can land you in hot water.
So make sure you do everything in moderation and not get to carried away.