3rd House

3rd House – The House of Gemini and Mercury
The 3rd House Represents Brothers, Sisters and Transport

The house of communications and correspondence, how we process information and the social life.

Language Communication Technology
Transport Early Education Data Processing


Gemini – The Twins & Virgo The Virgin


Mercury – The God of The Messengers

The lower mind and speaking, short journeys, brothers and sisters.

 Communication is the key here, interactions with what is around us, brothers and sisters along with early education, your thoughts, short trips, writing and speaking all come under this house.
The 3rd house represents how we formulate our own thoughts, language skills and the media. You will find that practical thinking, information, making connections along with the fact that we like to read gossip or perhaps should that be the news?
Mental dexterity, the lungs, the hands, letters, emails and documents all come under the 3rd house rulership.