12th House

12th House – The House of Pisces and Neptune
The 12th House Privacy, Seclusion, Faith and Healing

The The12th house rules all that is hidden underneath, including secrets, dreams, hidden strengths and weakness and Karma itself.

Secrets Fears Hidden Desires
Dreams Fantasies Rest/Sleep


Pisces – The Fish


Neptune – The God of The Seas

The 12th House is associated with seclusion and escapism. You will find that the 12th house will float into its own little world. This house be tradition is also linked to hospitals and prisons. There is often a powerful indicator of the nature of the unconscious and of the root of psychological problems.

This house is also linked to tying up lose ends, the completing something in life and can also be linked to old-age, the afterlife and the surrender.
The house is also associated with the separation from society, institutions, hospitals and hidden agendas. 
It rules the imagination, creative side of life, film dance and poetry.