1st House – The House of Aries & Mars
The 1st House Represents The Self

1st House

The House of The Self


Aries – The Ram


Mars – The God of War

In Brief

Rules the conscious self, one’s identity and expression, and how we are seen by others.

The Self Identity Consciousness
Ego Our Focus Appearance

The First House

1st House

Physical appearance, traits and characteristics, outlook and impressions. Ego and beginnings.

 The image, the self-image, the image that we show to others, how we start things and or defense systems, this is all the first house. Our relationship with our environment, our general outlook on life, what we wear, how we portray ourselves to the outside world.
Your ego, the outer form, vitality, the head, gestures and manners. Your self-interest, disposition and early conditioning are all linked to the first house.