The Week Ahead - Love Horoscopes

Week Beginning Monday 25th January 2021

Don’t expect anything normal in the matters of the heart and this is thanks to The Sun & Uranus. You will find that there is erratic behaviour in just about every direction.
Leo promises some drama this week, perhaps an emotional outburst by your loved one and this could go one way or another. Perhaps because you arent getting what you deserve, then you will throw your toys out of your pram.
If you are going to make any major decisions, this is not the time to be doing it, hold back, and wait.

Week Beginning Monday 18th January 2021

There is a lot of physical love around this week and this is because Mars and Uranus meet up! It is all about sensual enjoyment and this could come out of no-where. But, a word of warning it could go horribly wrong as well! Sorry, to be the messenger of bad news!
There is much compassion around this week, but remember don’t say anything that you can’t take back. Promises that are made this week will be kept! You will find that your soulmate is extra sweet and love is all around.