The Week Ahead - Horoscopes

Week Beginning Monday 25th January 2021

You may have to adapt this week, and you will certainly have to guard against inflexibility. Remember that the rigid rules are the easier one’s to break, but if you do break them you will not be doing any favours for yourself or anyone else for that matter.
There maybe some chaos this week and you may feel that negotiations are like a battle of wills and it seems like no one is going to back down.
As you work through the week, do not make assumptions, make sure that you have all the facts first!
If you are buying anything this week, make sure everything is as it seems, especially if you are buying electronic equipment or even an upgrade.
Also, as we move from day to day, look out for one another.
This week is a good week to sweep clean. Clean up your profile, your home, get rid of unwanted messages or perhaps reconnect with people that you have not spoken to for some time. There maybe old friends waiting for your message, or perhaps if you are not sure where to start, perhaps with the people that you miss the most.


Week Beginning Monday 18th January 2021

There is a lot of individuality around this week and this will bring you together with people. One thing that I will say about this week is that you don’t all have to be the same to belong to the same group – in fact, if we were all the same would life not be very boring?

You may find that there are demostrations, time for getting involved and getting the word out there, but remember, technology is a good way of spreading the word, and remember that you don’t have to go jumping in feet first and you don’t have to shout to be heard, as one famous priministe once said.
Yes, things are changing, but violence isnt that answer, so lets keep it peaceful. This could be hard to do, as Mars and Taurus do battle, but, at least you know what could happen, and horoscopes are all about change, it is about understanding what could happen and either changing it or embracing it, the choice is yours.
As we move towards the weekend, you will find that things are not as the seem. Do you know what you are doing? Do you know where you are going? take a step back, put everything into perspective, slow down and appreciate everything around you and then make your choice.