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Astrology – The Signs

This is the foundations on what you need to build on. Here you will learn about all the different Signs, The Elements. You will learn about the meanings, the mythology behind the signs, you will learn in-depth knowledge, how they work together. 
In this first part you will learn about the four elements, how the effect each sign and what each sign represents.

Astrology – The Houses

You will learn about all the 12 houses, what they represent, which sign rules each house and how they affect and influence.
You will using the equal house system, and this links nicely to the 12 signs.  Each house represents somthing different, something unique, and you will be using this when you complete the interpretation of the star chart.

Astrology – The Planets

You will learn about all the planets, how they effect each sign, what sign and house they rule. You will learn all about the mythology behind each planet. The planets are very influential in the whole of the interpretation of the chart and this will set you up ready for the next section.

Astrology – Drawing The Chart

You will learn how to plot the chart, how to draw the chart, and how to find the exact positions of the planets. You will learn how to work out the calculations to each planet, each house and you will learn to put everything in the correct positions ready for the next section.

Astrology – Interpreting The Chart

You will learn how to interpret all the work that was involved in the previous section. You will learn how to interpret each aspect, how to interpret the planets in the houses, interpret the planets and signs to give you an overall image of the chart.

How To Contact Your Spirit Guide
£39.99 Special Offer £29.99

This course is all about your spirit guide(s). It is a course to teach you how to contact them, to show you the signs, to teach meditation and relaxation. The course takes you on a journey from our world to the spiritual realm and teaches you communication, guidance, and what your spirit team are there for.

Introduction To Wicca

Our introduction course teaches you the fundamentals of Wicca, teaches you the history, how to practice, how to use the energy around you. Wicca is the Religion of the Earth and is about you, peace and tranquility. It is about how  you approach situations, how you help people, what you get out of it.