Cancer Relationships

Cancer & Capricorn Compatibility

We have many different types of relationships within our life. From the casual acquaintances to the love of your life to working relationships or just friendships. 
I am going to make this easy, we are just going to look at the relationships that are the polar opposites.

These two when they get together can make things happen or perhaps they both can become lazy.
The patience of Capricorn is something that Cancer has to appreciate. Cancer needs to relax and began to learn that sexual feeling. Capricorn needs someone who acts on true emotion, but also someone who does not take sex lightly.  Capricorn wants someone who is strong and exciting in the bedoroom!
Cancer wants someone who is intimate and with Capricorn she may or may not get this. There sometimes can be a lack of love, and if Cancer is clever enough, she can put this all into perspective and this could teach Capricorn that he is allowed to thaw the emotional state.
Capricorn do not really trust, and it is often said that they are the least trusting signs of the Zodiac.


Capricorn, once involved will never really give everything, but one thing they need to learn is trust, and once this has been proven over time then they will begin to show more within the relationship. As long as Cancer feels Capricorn’s devotion, then this should never become a problem and these two can work this out.

Overall Compatibility

Cancer & Aries
65% Compatibility

Cancer & Taurus
85% Compatibility

Cancer & Gemini
45% Compatibility

Cancer & Cancer
80% Compatibility

Cancer & Leo
85% Compatibility

Cancer & Virgo
75% Compatibility

Cancer & Libra
65% Compatibility

Cancer & Scorpio
90% Compatibility

Cancer & Sagittarius
45% Compatibility

Cancer & Capricorn
60% Compatibility

Cancer & Aquarius
40% Compatibility

Cancer & Pisces
100% Compatibility