Matthew began studying astrology whilst in high school and went on to do his degree at the Institute of Astrlogy. He has been practicing Astrology for over 35 years and has done many charts and designed a number of courses. He has now started to write his book which will cover the fundamental meanings of the star signs and delve into the interpretations of the aspects.

Matthew has also studied Wicca, Occultism, Tarot and Paranormal investigation, and has gained 100% pass rates in all related courses.

Matthew wants to bring astrology to the forefront, where people understand the art of astrology without the jargon and the complications.

All the charts are designed in nice to read easy format plain English and all come with illustrations making it pleasing on the eye.

In the near future, we will be completing a chat system and will be doing our own live demonstrations with teaching videos for people to stream.