About Matthew

Matthew has over 35 years experience as a international astrologer. He first had an interest in school, where he read many books and then went onto complete his Astrological Degree with the Institute of Astrology.

Over the years, Matthew has researched more and more and has now started to write his book, Astrology for Every Day Life where he will discuss how we can use the Ancient Art to promote ourselves and live a more fulfilled life.

Over the years Matthew has studied many other subjects including Tarot, Contacting Your Spirit Guides, Wicca and he is also qualified in Practical Ghost Hunting and Scientific Analysis.

Matthew has written many courses over the years, getting people involved in Astrology and has completed many workshops.

Matthew’s aim are to bring all these into the forefront with offering online courses where you can study at your own pace.

Matthew was born in Cheshire in 1971 and is born under the cloak of Capricorn.

He now lives in the heart of Warwickshire with his wife and two children.