2nd House – The House of Taurus & Venus
The 2nd House Represents Money, Finance, Freedom

2nd House

The House of Finances & Possessions


Taurus – The Bull


Venus – Goddes of Love

In Brief

This house rules financial standing, assets and property and how they relate to the material world and feel about it.

Finances Possession Values
Self Worth Lending & Borrowing Material Desires

The Second House

Material and immaterial things of certain value. Possessions, Substance and Self Worth.

Money and personal finances are under the control of the 2nd house along with self worth, possession, prospects, speach and our security needs.
You will also find that this house is associated with how we handle materials, spending habits our attitudes towards possessions, sensual pleasure. The attachment to our values, in other words, the degree in which we are faithful to all of our own values.
This house is also linked to the ability to provide for ourselves and is connected with the throat and the neck.