Despite some celestial twists and turns along the way, 2021 promises to bring inspiration and hope.
I think it is safe to say that 2020 was an intense year with so many things happening. 2021 Will have it’s own twists and turns, and there is inspiration and hope to each and every one of us.
2021 will evolve, and this will make us wiser, and we will not make the same mistakes twice. Events will make the world stronger, bringing countries closer together.
Before we move onto to each sign, here are some of the major astrological events that will happen in 2021:
There are 4 Eclipses in 2021. The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius will happen on 26th May. Solar Eclipse in Gemini on 10th June. Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on 19th November and a Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius on 4th December.
The North Node of Gemini is in Gemini and this will push us to find clarity and will also allow us to move forward with a greater understanding of life itself.
Mercury Retrograde will start on 30th January until 21st February. This happens in Aquarius. During this time you will find that we will change our perspectives. The retrograde motion also occurs 29th May to 22nd June in Gemini and 27th September to 23rd October in Libra.
On 26th March, The Sun and Venus connect with each other creating a lot of passion and desires.


Aries – 2021
You will redefine your friendships this year and you will give everything to the ones that matter to you, the rest, you will end up cutting ties with at some point in 2021 or at least they will not matter so much to you. Once you have let go, you then can surround yourself with positivity. You will find that your new friends and acquaintances will encourage you to take chances in your professional life and you will feel much happier within yourself.
Taurus 2021
You will find that change is coming, and you are not prepared for this! But you are going to have to take the Bull by the hands and go with the change. There is new romance coming your way around the middle of the year. Some of you will have a steamy romance and make you feel like you are head over heels in love. 
You must allow yourself to be free enough to enjoy these feelings and this will take you through the year.

You will find that you are in the spotlight early in the year, you may not always want this, but the light will be on you. During this time you will find that your professionalism is heightened and is good for the career and you will also be able to gain confidence bringing you more into the limelight. 
Relationships that are not working for you, this is the time to let go, especially during the eclipses. Out with the old ones and in with the new ones.
You are power this year, you are not going to let anything stand in your way. There are some amazing opportunities for you this year. One word of caution, don’t burn the candle at both ends as this will lose the control you have over certain power, especially in your career.
2021 is going to be a wild ride that is full of energy. You may find yourself head over heels in love, but be careful that you don’t get involved in to much, as there are traits that are showing that you could get involved in a love triangle! In November there is a professional opportunity coming your way.
You also have to learn to say Yes to all possibilities.
Work is at the forefront of this year, and you will get involved in some dynamic professional project. You will need to find a balance between work and personal life. Also remember to take time out where you can, because if you are stressed it means that you won’t be able to rule the world. 
If you believe in yourself, you could have a fairytale ending at the end of the year.
You may find that you are giving to much to people around you, people may take you for granted. You feel like you need to keep the peace at all costs, but remember you will still want some return for everything that you have given so far.
You may find issues in relationships towards the end of the year!
You will want to give more energy/affection to a relationship or ignite an old passion. You may become extra dreamy and you will be inclined to take more risks than normal.
You can be intense at the best of times, so use this to your advantage. You may have an unusual professional alliance this year, something that people will not expect.
You are going to find yourself on a new love journey which is also going to be full of romance. 
Connecting people through spiritual connections is the key here, perhaps something like yoga or meditation would be good. The key here in 2021 is to free your spirit.
2021 is going to be much easier than in 2020. After a roller-coaster year, you will implement major changes in your life. You will focus all your energy on building up your confidence.
You may have to see old friends, apologise or own up to your own mistakes, and once this is done, then everything can move forward.
2020 was a hard year for you, but one thing you can take away from it is stop being so hard on yourself. 
You will at some point be pushed out of your comfort zone, which will be good for you where the energy is good, but you have to remember that you will have to want the positive energy and that at times you will have to work hard for it. There is much love and TLC from friends so let them help you and guide you. Remember, everything is there to be enjoyed.
Professional endeavors will take a back seat compared to your personal life. You will find that your world is transforming. You will give more attention to your home and family and you will gain personal success in all interpersonal relationships. This will help you as you go through a slightly turbulent time during the spring. As you move into the autumn, you will release that home is where the heart is.